Henny Penny Patterns

Easy to Make Purse Patterns with a touch of Sassy!

About Us About Us

I have always loved handbags and learned how to sew from my mother, who made my clothes and would usually include a matching handbag!

I really wanted to have my own business so we started out small with an online handbag store in 2001 called Henrietta's Handbags. In 2009, we expanded into the purse pattern business with another online enterprise - PursePatterns.com .

Over the years, I started making handbags and would use my own designs so I decided to make a purse pattern line of my favorite bag patterns. The name of Henny Penny was a natural decision because friends call me by that name!

We currently have 4 patterns and we are currently working on a bag made especially for day hiking! These purse patterns have been designed and tested by me, my sister-in-law, and my pattern tester (also my friend!) with a combined sewing experience among us of approximately 50 years!

If you have any questions, please contact me either using my contact page!


Visit our PursePatterns.com, ePursePatterns.com, and HenriettasHandbags.com for a varied selection of printed purse patterns, downloadable bag patterns, and already made handbags!